Missionary Sex Position - Exciting Ways to Spice Up your sexual life

Sex positions for couple

Missionary sex gets a nasty rap because of it is the go-to position for many couples, And it is a favorite because of its damn good: there is immeasurable eye contact, you will be able to feel his weight on you, and it is improbably intimate. And if you are doing need to spice things up; intensify your game with a number of these horny tweaks.

Take a sex vacation from the classic man-on-top

The I Need You, I Want You

According to noted researchers, being heatedly desired is what turns women on most. Moreover, there is no better way to see what quantity a man wishes you than looking him hoist your legs on his shoulders.

Lock and Load

When you press your legs along in missionary, suddenly each stroke is increased. And if your man is on the smaller size in, this is often positively the position for you, He will feel larger and will not slip out. This position is additionally sensible for the super lazy among us because of you will be able to lead while not moving. Roll your hips around slowly and you may get superb friction that may drive you each crazy.

The Shoot the Moon

Remember that previous, wood Shoot the Moon game? You two ought to appear as if that when you are in position here. Bend your legs up to your chest and have him grab your ankles as he gets inside you. He will bend your legs, push them along on your chest, unfold them apart, and push them straight up. The challenge is determining precisely the right ways that to please you. Once a minimum of one in every of you is inarticulate incoherently, you have got a winner!

The Purring Kitty

In this sexual activity Alignment Technique, he shifts a trifle so his hips are over than yours are. Once he is within you, have him raise his hips and grind his bone against you. He will circle his hips, brush-up and down, or go side-to-side. Whatever you feel right? This position is super horny and intimate, nice for long, burning kisses, associated your best shot for a coming.

The Star-Crossed Lovers

This withstand missionary is best if your man is (too) liberally endowed—he will not be ready to enter you quite deep. In traditional missionary, have him spin about forty-five degrees to one aspect therefore your bodies type associate X and he is coming into you at a sideways angle. From here, you get a hot read and you will tell him simply how steamy he appears.

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