Spine-health how to save your spine

Spine-health – keep your spine healthy

How safe is your spine? Spine-health is crucial to your overall health because it directly connects to the brain and carries signals from the brain to other parts of your body.

Here is what you can and should do to take care of your backbone.

Guard Your Spine …

1. Maintaining a proper posture is very important to save your spine. Make sure to keep your shoulders, your neck and your back as straight as possible and try keeping your head high.

Weight lifting

2. When you have to lift something, do not bend down directly but bend your knees and squat if possible. This procedure prevents you from back pain and stain.

3. Stretch your back as much as you can

Spine Nerve Root and Possible Symptoms and clues in organ systems and body areas listed below:

Spine Nerve Root Possible Symptoms clues

4. Always sleep on your back or side

Always sleep on your back or side. Do not sleep on your stomach. Moreover, use only one pillow, never more than that.

5. Get some proper exercise

Get some proper exercise. Try doing some muscle building exercises as more muscles help keep the spine in place.

6. Proper nutritious diet

Get a proper nutritious diet. Make sure to get plenty of Calcium, Omega-3, Vitamin D and Proteins.

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